The Internet is an incredible invention. In fact, I'm sure many of you can't even remember a time without Google, smart phones or Facebook. The internet opens up a whole world of possibilities for children, enabling them to play, create, learn and connect with others. 

The digital world, however, is changing all of the time. Therefore, it is our job, as educators, and your job, as parents, to make sure child is protected online and is aware of the steps they should take to keep themselves safe online. 


On this page, you will find links to relevant information regarding keeping children safe online as well as top tips for specific games and apps. 


In recent years, the NSPCC have teamed up with O2 to help keep your children safe when they're using the internet. 


NetAware by the NSPCC

Your guide to the social networks your children use. 


Setting up Parental Controls

Parental controls are an important way to keep your child safe online. 


What kind of parent are you?

Browse between techie, worrier, in control, overwhelmed and protector to find out how you can support your child online.


Think U Know

Worried about your child? Need to report an online incident? Just need a bit more advice about keeping your child safe online? This website has information which could help. 


Childnet International

Essential advice about supporting young people when they are online, conversation starters and more information about parental controls and gaming.


Smartphone Safe?

Advice about how to protect your children on their smartphones.