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    'This school continues to be good'

OFSTED says:-  'The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school'

' high expectations are shared by leaders and staff'

'pupils are polite and well mannered'

'Safeguarding is given a high priority' with 'robust systems in place'

Pupils said:- 
'they feel they have a valued input into the decisions that leaders make'. 

'They feel safe in school'


Parents say:-  ' this is a lovely school.  Staff are very friendly and approachable,

and my children are very happy at school

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School Meals

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Wk 3 - 4th Nov

Wk 1 - 11th Nov

Wk 2 - 18th Nov

Wk 3 - 25th Nov

Wk 1 - 2nd Dec

Wk 2 - 9th Dec

Wk 3 - 16th Dec



 After School Clubs 

   All our children have the opportunity to access 'after school clubs' during the school year.

Clubs start Monday 23rd September

A list of the various clubs is now available - just follow the link above 



 At Haveley Hey our vision is that we will lay the foundations for a lifelong journey which provides our children with the tools to achieve happy, fulfilling and successful lives.



 Article 28 

Your right to learn and go to school


Article 19

You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe




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Check out our calendar below for up and coming events




Friday 13th December 

Y5 & Y6 performance at St.Lukes Church (morning)


Friday 13th December 

Christmas Jumper Day


Monday 16th December 

EYFS Craft Afternoon


Tuesday 17th December

KS1 Christmas Performance (pm)


Wednesday 18th December

KS1 Christmas Performance (am)


Wednesday 18th December

Christmas Lunch


Wednesday 18th December

EYFS Christmas Performance (pm)


Thursday 19th December

EYFS Christmas Performance (am)


Thursday 19th December

KS1 & KS2 Christmas Craft Afternoon






During 2018 - 2019 we donated to the following charities:


£192.85 - Save the Children
£160.50 - Read for Good 
£933.10 - We Love Manchester
£545.30 - Red Nose Day/Comic Relief
Thank you so much for you kind donations and continued support for our chosen charities







Good attendance is vital so that all pupils access the rich and varied curriculum available at Haveley Hey Community School.  For further information and a copy of our school attendance policy, follow the link above:

Well done 6FB, best class attendance this week :-)



Haveley Hey Community School

School Calendar 2019 / 2020


Autumn term

INSET Day: Monday 2 September 2019

INSET Day: Tuesday 3 September 2019

Term Starts: Wednesday 4 September 2019

Term Ends: Wednesday 23rd October 2019


Term Starts:  – Monday 4 November 2019

INSET Day – Friday 29th November 2019

Term ends: Friday 20 December 2019


Spring term

Term starts: Monday 6 January 2020

Term ends: Friday 14th February 2020


Term starts: Monday 24th February  2020

Term ends: Friday 3 April 2020


Summer term

Term starts: Monday 20 April 2020

Bank holiday: Friday 8 May 2020

Term ends: Friday 22nd May 2020


INSET Day:  Monday 1 June 2020

INSET Day: Tuesday 2 June 2020

Term starts: Wednesday 3 June 2020


Term ends: Wednesday 22nd July 2020


Please note children are not in school on