Year 2



Our Topics this year....

Autumn 1- The Making of Manchester

Autumn 2- We are Britain

Spring 1- Explorers

Spring 2- Explorers

Summer 1- The Scented Garden

Summer 2- Beachcombers


Spring 1 and 2

Explorers - Our new topic is about famous explorers, where they have been and what they have discovered.  To learn about explorers, we had an Explorer Day at the start of the term and we dressed up as different types of explorers.

We came as pirates, wilderness explorers, arctic explorers and some astronauts.

During the day we went on an adventure across a terrifying, stormy sea in our boats.  We also went on an exploration to see what we could discover in our school's wilderness garden and we even tried some Nettle tea!

During our topic we will be learning about Christopher Columbus and comparing his achievements to those of the astronaut Neil Armstrong who we learnt about in Year 1.

We will also be looking at the artwork of Henri Rousseau and using pastels to create a piece of artwork inspired by him.

In Geography we will be using world maps to locate the world's 7 continents and 5 oceans.

For Design and Technology we will be designing, making and evaluating a vehicle using wheels and axles. 

Have a look at our 'knowledge organiser' for the term below to see a more detailed overview of the learning that will take place.  



It is Important that your child is in school every day.

The school day starts at 8:50am.

We are trying to get 100% attendance every week, so please help by getting your child to school on time, every day. 


Learning Logs

Every Friday the children are given homework challenges in their learning logs linked to what we are doing in class.

Please support your child with this and encourage them to research information to become independent learners.

If you need support with this please come and see me and I will be happy to explain the challenge set. 

Learning Logs will need to be returned every Thursday.



We have 3 sessions of PE each week, these consist of :-      Gym    Games    Dance

Your child will need to bring:- pumps, white t-shirt and black shorts.  (Tracksuit bottoms for outdoor games).

Please remove all earrings and other jewelry before school.

Please bring your child's PE kit (all items named) into school on a Monday and stays in school all week.



In Literacy we will be focusing on writing stories, poems, letters, instructions, leaflets and non-chronological reports.



In year 2 we expect children to be using-     Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in their  sentences.

Also... extending their use of punctuation by using commas, exclamation marks, question marks  and apostrophes.

Children will also be using conjunctions e.g but, after, or, because, so

Openers e.g Once upon a time, The, First, Finally, Suddenly



In Maths we will be using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve number problems.

By the end of Year 2 your child needs to know their 2's, 5's and 10 times tables and be able to count in 3s up to 36. Please practise these through chanting rhymes which could be done at home or on the way to school.

In our daily maths lessons some of the things we will be learning to do are...

Read and write numbers to 100 in numerals and words

Add and subtract numbers to 100

Double and half numbers to 100

Name 1 more/ 1 less/ 10 more/ 10 less than numbers to 100

Order numbers to 100 and beyond

Recognise coins and be able to add them to find a total and give change

Name days of the week and months of the year and put them in order

Solve word problems involving + - x

Name 3D solids and describe what they are like

Tell the time- o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past

Measure cm, m, g, kg, l, ml



When reading we encourage the use of different strategies. They are-

Word/picture/word (look at the word first look at the picture  for clues and back to the word). This is called cross checking.

Sounding out the word e.g c-a-t

Chunking words e.g hel/i/cop/ter

Recognising  tricky words i.e 'said' 'here' in the book and using their ‘window’ to find them. Please note we do not sound out tricky words. 

‘Close looking’ left to right across the word- please encourage your child to run their finger slowly across the word when saying it. 

Reading on to the end of the sentence to check it makes sense. Return to the beginning if it doesn’t make sense


You can give your child a quick overview of the book by saying 'This book is about.....' to prepare your child for a successful read 


Ask your child questions, for example..

Is the book fiction or non-fiction? 

What is the title? 

Who is the author? 

Who is the illustrator? 

Look at the blurb on the back   

Who are the characters? What are they like? 

Where is the story set? 

How does (the character) feel? How do you know? 

What is happening in the story? 

Did you enjoy the book? (why? why not?)


Encourage the children to give you examples from the story.

Remember to read your book every day at home - a gold certificate can be yours for reading 100 books! 

Learning outside school

As a Rights Respecting school we recognise that all children have the right to an education, however there is an expectation that all children take responsibility for their learning.  This is particularly important in Y2 with SATs round the corner.  In early May children will sit tests in reading; spellings; grammar and punctuation; mental maths and maths.  It is essential that children are reading regularly at home and practise key skills such as being able to recall x2, x5 and x10 times tables facts with lightening speed.  Use this multiplication trainer to help with this.

You will also receive information on our class dojo

Dojo Points

Dojo points are now being used across school to recognise when children are doing the right thing.  Each week the top 3 children are celebrated in assembly on a Friday and there are also opportunities for the whole class to earn a number of exciting rewards for good behaviour.  Click here to watch a video which introduces the use of ClassDojo. 


Some websites to support your child's learning.....

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