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Rights Respecting Behaviour

'Having respect for ourselves and for others helps us to be the best that we can be.'

Our vision is that we will lay the foundations for a life-long learning journey which provides our children with the tools to achieve happy, fulfilling and successful lives.

We have developed our Behaviour Policy in-line with this ethos and our belief in promoting children's rights and respect for all children. The information below is taken from our Behaviour Policy. To read the complete policy please click on the link below.



At Haveley Hey we will.......

  • promote an awareness of everybody’s individual needs and aim that all are valued within the school community,
  • ensure that every child is aware of their rights and responsibilities and will have helped to produce their Class Charter,
  • expect good behaviour to be modelled by all adults in the school,
  • expect everyone to take pride in their school, class, learning, environment and their relationships with peers and colleagues,
  • expect all staff to treat children fairly, consistently and sensitively,
  • celebrate and praise children’s achievement and success,
  • value parental support in working collaboratively to find solutions to behaviour management issues,
  • teach respect for ourselves and others, promoting the understanding that we are all different, but have the same rights
  • ensure a consistent, positive approach to behaviour management throughout the whole school day, from Breakfast Club to After School clubs
  • provide children, staff and all adults within the school community with an environment that promotes learning and supports each individual,
  • ensure the emotional, social and learning needs of individuals are supported and developed, involving other agencies where appropriate
  • establish clear procedures for dealing with and managing unacceptable behaviour,
  • encourage the active and early involvement of parents in supporting positive behaviour
  • work in partnership with parent/carers in supporting children’s social and emotional development
  • demonstrate that discipline in schools must respect children’s human dignity (Article 28)

The policy also outlines what we expect of all adults who work in school, what we expect from the children at our school and also what we expect from parents of children at our school.

This policy will be replaced by our updated policy this term.


Take a look at our whole school charter to support and encourage Rights Respecting behaviour 

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