Year 1


Your Class Teachers are Miss Roberts and Mrs Veznever.  

The Teaching Assistants are Mrs McDonald and Mr L.Hacobian


Our Topics this year....

Autumn 1- Memory Box

Autumn 2- Moon Zoom

Spring 1- Paws, Claws and Jaws

Spring 2- Splendid Skies

Summer 1- Our Local Area

Summer 2- Enchanted Woodland



It is Important that your child is in school every day.

There are 2 start times each day- if your child's surname begins with A-L, they will be in school 9am-3pm.  If they start with a M-Z will be in from 9.30am-3.30pm

We are trying to get 100% attendance every week, so please help by getting your child to school on time, every day. 

Learning Logs

As the term progresses, the children  will recieve homework every Friday in their learning logs linked to what we are doing in class.

Please support your child with this and encourage them to research information to become independent learners.

If you need support with this please come and see me and I will be happy to explain the challenge set. 

Learning Logs will need to be returned every Thursday.


We will be doing at least 2 sessions of Physical Activity each week.  This half term, we are not asking children to bring in a PE kit, but we will be reviewing this regularly in line with our Covid risk assessment. 


All children have been re-assessed to ensure they now have a book at the right level.  It’s really important to try and get back into good habits with reading at home as this will have a positive impact across the curriculum.  We ask that children aim to read a least 4 times a week and that this is notes in their reading record.  This should mostly be the banded reading or phonics book from school, although it is also fine for children to include some of the books they might read from home or the library.

When reading we encourage the use of different strategies. They are-

Word/picture/word (look at the word first look at the picture  for clues and back to the word). This is called cross checking.

Sounding out the word e.g c-a-t

Chunking words e.g hel/i/cop/ter

Recognising  tricky words i.e 'said' 'here' in the book and using their ‘window’ to find them. Please note we do not sound out tricky words. 

‘Close looking’ left to right across the word- please encourage your child to run their finger slowly across the word when saying it. 

Reading on to the end of the sentence to check it makes sense. Return to the beginning if it doesn’t make sense

You can give your child a quick overview of the book by saying 'This book is about.....' to prepare your child for a successful read 

Ask your child questions, for example..

Is the book fiction or non-fiction? 

What is the title? 

Who is the author? 

Who is the illustrator? 

Look at the blurb on the back   

Who are the characters? What are they like? 

Where is the story set? 

How does (the character) feel? How do you know? 

What is happening in the story? 

Did you enjoy the book? (why? why not?)

Encourage the children to give you examples from the story.

Remember to read your book every day at home - a gold certificate can be yours for reading 100 books! 


Y1 have made a great start with the number of Dojo points so far this term already.  Points are awarded across the week when children are spotted showing rights respecting behaviour with the top 1st, 2nd and 3rd point scorers being recognised in school.  These points are reset each week so that everyone starts from the same point on a weekly basis.

Some websites to support your child's learning.....

Haveley Hey Community School

Nearbrook Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 9NS