The School Day


Times of the day

Foundation Stage     8.50 am - Doors open

                                  9.00am - Registration

                                  3.00 pm - School day ends

Key Stage 1              8.50 am - Doors open

                                  9.00am - Registration

                                  3.05 pm - School day ends

Key Stage 2              8.50 am - Doors open

                                  9.00am - Registration

                                  3.05 pm - School day ends


Attending school everyday and having a good punctual start is very important.  If your child is late he/she must see the school Attendance Officer to receive a late ticket to take to their class, and you parent  MUST sign the late book held at reception, in order for your child to receive a mark in the register. Please be aware that an arrival after 9.30am will be recorded on the register as an unauthorised absence.  If your child is unwell please let us know by telephoning 0161 498 9508 before 10:30am on each day your child is Ill, or by sending a note with someone else.  If you would like advice on whether your child needs to stay at home please do not hesitate to phone and speak to Mrs Townley our Attendance Officer.  Remember, a cold or tiredness in the morning is often forgotten when involved in school activities.

If you are experiencing difficulties in getting to school on time or with general attendance please come into school and speak with a member of staff. Good attendance is deemed  to be over 96% (set by the Government).  We will report your child’s attendance to you on each terms’ report.


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