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Our Rights Respecting Ethos

We are pleased to announce at we have just been reaccredited with our Gold award by UNICEF (March 2023)!

'What are Rights?'

At Haveley Hey we  believe passionately in our children;  in what they can achieve and in who they are going to be as they grow and make their mark in the world. In order for children to be the best that they can be, we believe that they need to grow up knowing and understanding their Rights, as laid down by the United Nations in the Convention for the Rights of the Child. We believe that growing up with this awareness and knowledge will mean that children will gain a greater respect for themselves, for others and for the world in which they live, becoming active citizens who have a voice and strive to be heard.


The Convention sets out 42 ARTICLES that tell children and adults what special Rights children should have in their lives and how these rights need to be protected by the adults around them, at home, in school and by the Government.


These 42 Rights fall into UMBRELLA  or Fundamental Rights that make sure that children have the -


· Right to be Safe,


· Right to be heard,


· Right to be treated fairly,


· Right to be healthy


At Haveley Hey we use these Rights within our curriculum, in the way we speak to children, in the way we deal with behaviour, in our classroom charters, in our assemblies and in the planning we do to improve our school.

From Nursery up to Year 6, children will be finding out about this and most importantly, the difference between a WANT and a NEED. We are really clear that having Rights does not mean that you can get or have anything that you want!

Why not find out more—ask any member of staff, speak to our Parent Governors, access the UNICEF website for Rights Respecting Schools or get involved inour active Parent Focus Group.

Click below to red our latest Gold Award report and see our Whole School Charter, Parent Charter and Lunchtime charter.

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