We use the White Rose Maths Hub as a starter to deliver our maths lessons. This is based around the Singapore approach and focuses on moving from fluency to reasoning and problem solving.  This means we introduce new concepts using a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) approach. First we introduce it using concrete objects which the children can touch and manipulate, then we move onto using pictures to represent the numbers, finally, we use the numbers and symbols to create our calculations. We also give children time to explore different ways to solve mathematical problems whilst working in mixed ability pairs.

To help bring the abstract world of mathematics into a more visual and kinaesthetic experience for our children, we have maths boxes on every classroom table which contain number lines, bead strings, place value cards, Base 10 equipment and counters so that our children can use these resources to support their own learning and build more connections to further develop their understanding of this subject.

We understand that sometimes the way your child solves their calculations is very different to the way you used to do at school, therefore we have put together a guide to help you see how we teach your child and the progression they will make in each of the four areas of calculations.

Download the Calculations Policy here

To support your child at home you can do lots of different activities:

  • counting forwards and backwards
  • counting in different steps i.e 2,4,6,8,10...(then in steps of other numbers)
  • learning the times tables
  • solving mental calculations (adding 2 numbers together in your head, subtracting a smaller number from a greater number)
  • ordering a selection of numbers from smallest to greatest
  • learning how to tell the time
  • becoming confident with money, finding totals and giving change

If you need any further assistance with these strategies or ideas to help your child, please see your child's class teacher or Miss Evans (Maths Co-ordinator) who will be happy to help.

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